This direct-to-consumer paint brand makes it easy to sample colors with its convenient peel-and-stick swatches. Research and innovation focussing on nutritional, health and sustainability impacts of alternative feeds will accelerate with a focus on sustainable alternatives feeds that can reduce reliance on both soya and fishmeal. This cult-favorite tote is a great option to stash in your purse or car: It's super lightweight, it comes in fun patterns and colors, and it folds into a compact pouch. The latest development is microplastic-free, marine-degradable, and mass-producible straw. Signs are that numbers of mindful eaters will continue to grow in Europe/North America, although we will witness more rapid growth of mindful eating in parts of Asia/SE Asia. For an invigorating shower experience, cleanse your hair with this rosemary- and mint-scented shampoo. GH Cleaning Lab Director Carolyn Forte says these Swedish dish cloths, which are made of cotton and cellulose,  "are an alternative to germy sponges that get thrown out after only a few uses and paper towels." Plus, some coffee shops (Starbucks included!) These are the best eco-friendly products to buy in 2020: Aveeno's bath treatments are made of 100% pure colloidal oatmeal, which can help relieve itchy skin to due eczema. We normally do … Although price will continue to drive purchasing decisions, the numbers of citizens who make decisions based on health and sustainability will continue to grow. See my blog on regenerative agriculture for further details. is made from recycled plastic. It also earned the Nordic Swan Ecolabel so its entire environmental impact was evaluated. Apr 15, 2020 - Products with a smaller planet footprint and designed to reduce environmental impacts through reduced water use, energy, packaging and waste... See more ideas about small planet, biodegradable products, footprint. 2019 news headlines about climate change, Amazon deforestation and plastic in our seas will mean citizens will increasingly demand great transparency, both around packaging and in … Alter Eco After several years of research and development, Alter Eco released the first ever laminated stand-up pouch made of plant-based compostable materials for their quinoa products. several food companies have committed to clean labelling in recent months – the use of simple, recognisable and wholesome ingredients free from a multitude of flavourings, preservatives, sugars and GMO based products. Renewed Focus on Transparency – Citizens are going to want to know where food is grown, how food is grown and how much farmers are getting paid for their food. Instead, safely store your food in one of these reusable produce bags. Even the packaging is impressive: The box is made of recycled cardboard and it's printed with soy-based ink, which is considered more environmentally friendly because it makes materials easier to recycle. On top of being recycled, this tote bag is lightweight, water repellent, and easy to clean. What really makes this product stand out is the fact that it's made using renewable electricity (wind power!) Regenerative principles of no till farming, use of cover cropping, holistic grazing, silviculture composting and manuring will all start to take more prominence within the business models and strategies throughout the 2020s. Our pros say that bars have much less water content in comparison to liquid shampoo and conditioners, which can contain 50% or more water. Six Plant Based Innovation Trends for 2019 – Tasting the Future, Unearthing the science between soil and gut health – Tasting the Future, Covid 19 is Accelerating Food Sustainability Trends: Eight to Watch, Eating for the Planet: Four Glimmers of Hope for 2021, Sustainable Aquaculture and Food Security: Herbivorous Fish and Algal Feeds, 6 Plant-based Food and Beverage Trends for 2021, Government leadership: The missing ingredient for a healthy food future, From Jungle Fowl to Jungle Foul: Sustainable Chicken, Sustainable Nutrition: The Urgency of Regenerating Human and Planetary Health, Reframing how we think about food and health, Sustainable Healthy Diets and Covid 19: Building Back Better Food Systems, Covid 19 – Ecological Health, Human Health and Food System Resilience, Tackling Obesity: Governments should take a leaf from Chile’s playbook, Sustainable Nutrition: Challenging the way we grow and eat food, Hemp for Victory: Three Disruptive Novel Food Ingredients and their Sustainability Credentials, The Future of Livestock Farming – The Need to Move from Polarised Debates to Dialogue. Jeans require thousands of gallons of water just to make one pair, so Levi's took a step in the right direction with its Water
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