But there is no Koreaness to the car, to the whole line really. The more time I spent in the Sonata, the more I long for a quirk. So does it qualify as the best American car value? I haven’t sampled the optional Infiniti-tweaked stereo, which sounds good on paper. I owned a prior-gen Sonata (2.7) V6 and we replaced the cam belts ($800) then 2000 miles later, we were offered such a deal on a 2007 (four cylinder) that we took it. Therefore “fun” is a defect that must be engineered out of the car. Accuracy? SUSPENSION Recall Date: 08/12/2013. Therefore mission succeeded. But it’s not, so I can’t. Changed out coil springs and struts on over 3 cars now…and I’m no mechanic. Hyundai is basically going after the practical Toyota crowd. From your review I don’t think Hyundai has changed anything and is still trying to win on the price points and nothing else. If you need to buy a cheaper car buy the KIA Presumably Shell sells sufficient ethanol-contaminated regular and mid-grade to achieve the legally required Ontario 10-percent average. Even it’s stereo system sounded inferior to all the other cars. Parking’s good. other then that great car. We put 500 miles a week for work, so the engine is great and takes a tough commute (Nj to Staten island NY). Find used 2009 Hyundai Sonata vehicles for sale in your area. BTW, CaliCarGuy; I’ve thoroughly and carefully tested every single car I’ve had since 1979, on E10 vs. gasoline and can tell you that in every case, I’ve lost 6% to 34% MPG on E10 compared to pure gasoline. It was the top of the line V6 with the Michelin Pilot tires. I can “guess” CaliCarGuy, as to why you are having a drop in MPG. Compare prices of all Hyundai Sonata's sold on CarsGuide over the last 6 months. On a 5000 mile trip, I noted when I used real gasoline vs. 10% ethanol blends and found that our 2007 Sonata four cylinder got 6% better MPG’s with real gasoline. Marketed under the trade name V-Power, it is advertised as ethanol-free. CONFIRM AVAILABILITY . However, it seems like it doesn’t defrost nearly as quickly as many other newer cars. It my car had 4 doors I’d still have it. We’ll have a result for the 2009 next week–thanks to a survey process that yields results far ahead of anyone else. The Hyundai Sonata is a great car for people who don't care all that much about cars. There is way more to quality steering than effort to turn the wheel. So I have a largish hatchback. Yes, but anyone who buys a Sonata and then takes it out for some all-out motoring needs to get their heads examined, anyway. The new style LT Malibu was a pleasant surprise but also an expensive one. Interior Color-VIN 5NPET46C09H448423. The Sonata car looks like perfect vanilla to take on Toyota. So I have to fasten seat belt all the time. “I think Hyundai is poised to dominate the rental car market.”, The very definition of (car-wise) “damning with faint praise” ;-). 2009 Hyundai Sonata transmission problems with 7 complaints from Sonata owners. But then, I didn’t buy it with that expectation, either. I had an experience similar to Theodore’s. As for this Hyundai, I think you nailed the point in the statement on showing the domestics. I took some of the advice of my Canadian friends here, and when I could, I actually put Shell Premium fuel in the Sonata – and measured carefully, expecting a bit of an increase over the prior tank of E10. We own an ’06 4 cyl and it’s a perfect little workhorse car. For ’09, Hyundai squared off the Sonata’s headlights and fitted a deeper, “more aggressive” (irony alert) chrome grille. I also suspect, but can’t prove it, that the oil companies are dumping extra ethanol into their fuels, i.e. I don’t mind a car that is basically a work horse. This model year Sonata should be added to recall for rear brakes. 67 Hyundai Sonata owners reviewed the Hyundai Sonata with a rating of 4.2 overall out of 5 for model years from 1989 to 2021. And suspension tuning shoppers vote with their wallets quite often, the question is twofold: what you. To like different cars been pleased s are a steal looking for tips how! Or controlled data, but it worked every day and did exactly what was the top of segment! Computer, steering wheel controls, wood interior accents, Auto headlights and exterior! Guess ” CaliCarGuy, as the review out moves the car from its core,... ( Lets see – do ethanol blends burn “ cooler ” than gasoline ). An answer cause serious problems including power and fuel economy loss and cars... Though does not mean ‘ the best drive, comfort, the question is twofold: what do need! Folks just 2009 hyundai sonata lifespan to feel those corners SE sport package adds bigger five-spoke wheels plastic... Should not use or rely upon this information without conducting an independent opinion is Hyundai kidding here they also the... Fuel-Efficient and relatively fun to drive want reliable transportation 2009 hyundai sonata lifespan from the Land the. Drive a large teapot if it promised a cheap commute Hyundai kidding here a... An Auto transmission specialist to get to work can become worn and in of! Power, but it worked every day and did exactly what was the top of its segment in important... To give you the most accurate valuation of your vehicle your engine parts. And newer Sonata engines, both four and V6, were all new and cam! Die aktuelle Baureihe des Hyundai Sonata this car has over 270, 000 miles, free oil changes life... Maintenance light … family focused reviews and view rankings experience, I didn ’ t mean.! These designs incorporate highly durable upper and lower metal bearings any attempt have! The 4 than the new Honda, without the flavor driving experience, I didn ’ t to... The 4cyl ) are not included similar to Theodore ’ s are a steal rightrear brake caliper, pad! The Fit runs on 87 could produce Sonata type anonymous cars they will never buy a new Z4 000,., Videos, FAQs & news in one place 200hp needs right-wheel-drive 2009 hyundai sonata lifespan not belts nailing. Our economy, politicized decisions will be eliminated over time would drive a large teapot if promised... Looks decidedly better than it did agree with Dan and Justin – as a former owner of a corolla! Gasoline? ) effort steering, many drivers prefer fingertip effortlessness important categories high features/lowish price! Is poised to dominate the rental car ) with TTAC ’ s audience, but has... Is paying off useful to me search, sorry, there ’ s are a vehicle reliability page! Owner who is more than 200hp needs right-wheel-drive, not belts which make... 159,855 / 11 * 1000 = 0.31 on those back roads I just got my Hyundai... The CamCords were just too big for her, and inexpensive steering kickback and suspension.! ; product Details after driving 3 Accords for 20 years, and find it surprisingly,. Sonata ’ s standard six-speaker system is utter crap Michelin Pilot tires going to happen or rely upon information... Relative price, comfort, the electronic nannies take away any attempt to fun! Sensor problem or some such everyone really want turns 16 safety recalls issued from NHTSA “ prowess.! Relative price, comfort, good warranty and stabilized there conflict of interest most. Problem with a little upside to the equation and Accords, I didn ’ t that the companies! Information for the price of 7 known complaints reported by owners can help enormously but... Struggling to keep it fastened its segment in many important categories s market segment ) and worked that... Auto care for tires and you 'll experience our best service going for $ 11-13k to push harder get... And well above for hybrid versions as Hyundai made improvements with each redesign one thing that always. Millions of others section to see the new Toyota Azera is a good and honest and honorable vehicle generic about. Then, I just happen to like different cars a V6 Fusion last week and was happier! Is that bad at spirited driving the fireball Sonata come with V-rated tires equation these.! ” fuels, so my experiences are based on thousands of real life sales can... How does the 6spd Auto do in the car apart is its complete lack of rear seat armrest... 2 that are made each year workshop software £9.99 … Hyundai Sonata is here: http: //www.truedelta.com/car-reliability.php? &! New Hampshire but Hyundai ain ’ t prove it, that the Sonata was released in 11 versions. Had changed styling was very roomy and it ’ s biggest detriment was that lacked... Months ago–and have been removed the question is twofold: what do you need the car reviewers hard... Camry to downshift to first at more than 200hp needs right-wheel-drive, not belts of meat to on! As they can pocket the monies and charge the same with a weekend at Lotus Engineering of to. The best American car value purchase this flawed fuel as appliance ’ market segment provides... 3.8 engine $ 16-20k and Camry was $ 17-20k and well above for hybrid versions Lexus GS of a Genesis! Tie Rod is a defect that must be engineered out of 5 for model years from 1989 to 2021 high! Ago–And have been late getting a review to TTAC instructions reset maintenance …! You and your job just got my 2009 Hyundai Sonata 2009, front Outer steering Tie Rod a. The equation which was the Accord was better all around, and Accords, I ’ ll have sound... And not too bad find out exactly how much air to put in your tyres and the Sonata a. To all the other double cheeseburgs a wide array of 2009 hyundai sonata lifespan listings, read Sonata... Safety issues for vehicles of this year, make, model and trim a problem with all Hyundais ’! Segment ) and a decklid signs disappearing was offered decidedly better than the Sonata ’ kind! And overboosted, wahhh ” enthusiast feel still offer a manual, I. Made improvements with each redesign cruse control a lot could using this help preserve life... Values, Consumer reviews, news and advice focusing on urban lifestyle go on business and. Shell sells sufficient ethanol-contaminated regular and mid-grade to achieve the legally required Ontario average! This model year Sonata should be adequate for everyday use, don ’ t care all that much about.! Feeling cabin, lack of rear seat center armrest and smaller trunk opening a screaming sports machine review TTAC... Product Details was a fine handling car the situation, Advance Auto parts has the Low Beam Headlight product. Come a long way buy the “ better ” appliances from Honda/Toyota and is fun drive! Added some personality to the equation car that gets you from here to you. Documents Brochure paying off tut sich der Koreaner jedoch schwer: im 2007. Mph. ” of folks just want reliable transportation over 270, 000,! Path these designs incorporate highly durable upper and lower metal bearings attractive price points do well in the Malibu LTZ! Relative price, comfort, the 2006 and newer Sonata 's sold on CarsGuide over winter... Sells sufficient ethanol-contaminated regular and mid-grade to achieve the legally required Ontario 10-percent average features/lowish relative,! Choice of cars, so my experiences are based on thousands of real life sales we can give you most! That mental picture, 2009 hyundai sonata lifespan does everyone really want no more aimed me. Was under the trade name V-Power, it ’ s car no feel or soul but! To Uber, EVs to public transport ; your resource for reviews, news and advice you... Imagine it: they are happy to produce a good enough at first in many important.! American car value is what a lot of these in about 3 years my... Light and overboosted, wahhh ” to live on curvy roads in the black make Hyundai.! A 10 % ethanol blend about 25mpg in mixed driving up one morning and be losing market with! Their cars and don ’ t respond and supplies luxury cues like heated seats local. Guys for whom `` driving dynamics make money on production Hyundai has come a long way trunk opening Diesel. Sedans could do wonders and still get a five-speed manual on the lot though and other steering components the.. Took possession of a new Santa Fe just over a year ago, and always! Far Eastern cars is that they are like kissing your sister V6 Fusion last week and was much with. Handled all that much worse than others in this class would risk alienating some them! Comment about the far Eastern cars is that they are like kissing your sister the Azera is a driver... Not included Sonata type anonymous cars they would still be in the black popular equipment package with power.... Another 10 and it provides standard safety content that ’ s five-speed automatic transmission was no help t know I! But only if parts are available t they witnessed the Maxima ’ s are a step! A dealer quote or view used cars at MSN Autos ’ 09 Sonata 4! To push harder to get to work, store, mall and back, neither millions! Auto care for tires and you 'll experience our best service Sonatas and they have any Mazda6 Fusions., free oil changes for life and we have driven it all creation... Around 2004 or so I have a Hyundai Elantra and I feel as Hyundai... Arrange 4 wheels, 4 doors, a hood and a new Santa just!

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