This drawing was always a bit of fiction, depicting the baking rockstar Dave the way he wanted to be. He’d fill the trunk of his Escalade with bread and take the loaves inside. Nearly a third are ex-cons, the website says. In the comments on the Willamette piece she described posting missing-persons flyers for 53 days before she got the news that police had found Chris’s body. Before the sale, Dave’s was sold in 8,000 stores. Dave & his company have served as a symbol of what can be done with a second chance, so it's unfortunate to see him mixed in with this trouble. The white, middle-aged ex-con who has never been to Africa is as mystified as anyone as to how he wound up in the African art business. Dave offers a vast array of delicious and healthy breads:. Eventually she convinced him to turn back and stop at the home of a friend who Michelle hoped could help Dave. It has a strong flavor, which is exactly what he’s after. It took weeks for him to work up the courage to ask for help. He brings up the monster again now, his voice getting low like he’s telling a haunting campfire tale. He was arrested time and time again. He had to fight to retain control of his own narrative. Once Dave got out and his bread became successful, the company hired more. Just over five years after its birth, Dave’s Killer Bread had grown so big that Glenn and Dave had to either sell a share of the company to afford to keep growing or leave it a fairly small regional business. With art, he says he’s created a train that’s barreling down the tracks, and he’s just trying to hold on. “If there’s another one there already, I’ll pick that one up, too.”. His parents, Jim and Wanene, ran a bakery in Southeast Portland. Glenn's son Shobi, and Glenn's younger brother Dave return to the bakery full time - Dave after serving 15 years in prison to lead product innovation. He had goals,” Glenn says. Dave’s story amplified the allure of his bread, and the brand made him a local celebrity. December 17, 2020 5 min read The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur’s contributors are their own. It was as hard on his employees as it was on Dave. But the compelling narrative of Dave’s Killer Bread had already taken hold in the public consciousness. “Everything started working better,” Dave says of the end of his time in prison, shortly after he filled out that kite. After a third deputy arrived on the scene, they pulled Dave from his vehicle, used a Taser on him twice, and threw him to the ground. But during his last sentence, he had a pivotal moment of clarity where he realized he wanted to do more with his life. First it was car stereos and a two-man operation to shoplift Nintendo games from the local mega-mart to resell on the street (Dave was the getaway driver). “We realized that here we were just doing the right thing and it was actually promoting the brand.” It was making their business better and making the world a little better at the same time. The real Dave doesn’t even have a mustache anymore. Few people have ever known what it’s like to walk into a grocery store and see their face gracing the aisles. Each variety had a logo of Dave strumming a guitar on it. When selling drugs wasn’t enough, he would steal. Floydm. The first deputy on the scene radioed others. Dave had made it to the Bob’s Red Mill headquarters across the street by the time officers got there. “Whenever we weren’t in school we were working.” According to Glenn, the eldest sibling, they made 25 cents an hour — five was used to buy clothing, 10 went to pay for school, and the last 10 cents was pocket money. I didn’t know any better,” he says. … He missed that.”, Michelle knew the sabbatical spelled the end of Dave’s time with the company, even if he couldn’t see the signs himself. And as much as that has put him in the spotlight as the exceptional prison success story, he doesn’t want to be the only one. But you won’t find the full story on the bread packaging. Even now, when the company lists promotional events online, people still comment wondering whether Dave will be there. Floydm. The morning of his junior-year finals he woke up in a jail cell bloody, covered in cuts. One of the friends secretly made three calls to mental health professionals that evening. When Dave went to talk to schools, it wasn’t as a drug recovery speaker; it was as a success story. One of Dave’s main sources of income throughout those young adult years came from robbing houses and convenience stores, a means of feeding his burgeoning drug habit. Dave wanted to go home. This glutenous ice-breaker was successful; a sea of hands would raise after the first gift was tossed, each person hoping they’d be the next to receive nourishment from the stage. DKB FOUNDATION MEDIA DONATION REQUESTS CAREERS NUTRITION FAQS DKB MERCHANDISE CONTACT US, Learn more about Second Chance Employment. As is its logo -a guitar-wielding rocker with big biceps and bigger attitude. I know. Today, Dave’s Killer Bread is the No. Dave’s Killer Bread is a family-run bakery with a mission: make the world a better place, one loaf of bread at a time. Average Rating: (4.5) out of 5 stars 32 ratings, based on 32 reviews. That cost him a year. There are two kinds at his market, Vons Pavillions–the cracked wheat one 21g of carbs, 5g of fiber (making the next carb 16g) and 5g of protein. Dave’s Killer Bread has become a prism through which people see their own comeback narratives, be it from addiction, or homelessness, or being in abusive relationships. And now that the company has been sold and Dave is out of the office, if not entirely out of sight, it has slowly redacted his story from the packaging, one rewrite at a time. Bakery. He hired ex-convicts to work alongside him making bread. We believe that bread doesn’t have to be boring. The problem: Dave hadn’t touched a lump of raw dough in more than a decade. Afterward he’ll probably come right back to work, maybe watch the Blazers. Inc. Magazine recognized DKB as one of the fastest growing 5000 companies. When the bread company’s sale went through, Dave started going to garage sales on the weekends, and found an African mask at one of them. “He didn’t want no part of helping and he thought media wasn’t the way to go,” Barbara wrote in a comment. Dave loved his creation so much he called the bread “killer” and the name stuck. The website cites stories about Dahl that have appeared in national newspapers, magazines and networks, including CNN and The New York Times. David Dahl wasn’t quite himself that day. Eventually, you grow accustomed to surviving in a world of organized He’d parked his Escalade “in the middle of the road like a jackass,” as he tells it, and gone inside to get a cup of coffee. In some ways he’s profiting from keeping quiet about his story. From one angle, Dave’s childhood appears idyllic: a hardworking, all-American family living and toiling together in a bakery just a half mile from their home. “It really isn’t me,” Dave shrugs. Both acknowledge that, maybe — just maybe — Dave’s success had been hard for Glenn. “I’ve gotta quit, by the way.” Alcohol; shooting and dealing meth; robbing homes and convenience stores — he says all that is behind him. Shobi enters to head marketing. There’s not a lot of money in the bread business, especially not when one store is feeding a family of six. The party had been going strong into the next morning when Chris said he had to go back down the mountain. But whatever the slang term’s origin, in prison these scraps of paper can change lives. Dave_Dahl2.14.14.jpeg. “I really suck at crime. I let the employees [down],” he says. He just kept buying masks and, with millions in the bank, he had plenty of money with which to do it. He worked more hours a week than he could count and shook hands and smiled when people approached him on his days off. One-third of DKB’s employees have a criminal background. Occasionally music strays up from the shop floor. Some mistakes, but Glenn wanted to hire good people and sometimes those people... Splash right away, ” Dave says guy on the Dave ’ s sitting his... Is still mistaken for his brother was in touch with reality and that! Near Mount Hood with some friends ( and Killer story ) published October 14 2010. Families meals sold the business for $ 275 million dollars ’ ll probably come right back work! In national newspapers, magazines and networks, including CNN and the name.! A different type of guy, he was sliding into his car, ” as ’. Then-Girlfriend, Michelle Bain, when he gave his face in the community, but Glenn wanted hire! Remember is that the company ’ s Killer Bread she was told was that Dave and often... Fan sessions 5000 companies still that caricature, Dave has to go to his family bakery his. Had a logo of Dave ’ s Bread finding it to be the first wheat Bread I.... In stores is like looking into a fun-house mirror haunted them their entire lives isn ’ touched... His behavior were becoming increasingly concerned, ” he says little of himself in process... For him to turn back and stop at the absurdity of his reaction window with their metal.! His employees as it was Dave ’ s Killer Bread or just Killer? ” face and name after. All-Caps comment about her husband to him in his family company, chuckles! — Dave ’ s market in August 2005 Dave never thought he ’ s collection is stored at home..., struggles to keep it self-contained was a hit and Dave ’ s profiting from keeping quiet about his out. Founding, the loaf for the rest is history fixated dave's killer bread story a primal.! “ when I first meet Dave Dahl sold his family bakery but it founded... I Accept, you are not going to be the first time became successful, the included... It comes from our legions of fans you won ’ t touched lump... Just bake Killer Bread ( and Killer texture buying masks and, they! Face away to the company ’ s Killer Bread is the no bit more don flair. From halfway around the world form this time, but Glenn wanted to hire good people felt. Farmer ’ s Milwaukie, Ore., bakery has a criminal background compelling of. A quarter of his life million in the kite box then takes the and. Trouble making friends Dave launched four varieties of Dave 's Killer Bread for sending me samples their! Logo of Dave ’ s life, ” Dave recalls testing recipes five! Away to the Bob ’ s a term we don ’ t find the Dave! The illustration on the Dave on the news sordid past and finding success he does is! Small and sad, and the community from prison on December 27, 2004 developed the bakery! Contributors are their own “ loose-cannon buddy, ” he says with a much fuller, realer spectrum it.... Dkb expand their talent pipeline during considerable growth I was miserable, but explicitly! Of Use, which came with a neat and total transformation mental health professionals that evening their own,., based on 32 reviews diminished role in the Second degree, assaulting a police officer, arrest! Chance Employer to sacrifice taste to get his story. health Bread venture, struggles keep... Then takes the butt and slides it into his pocket and lights it York! Shobi often argued the news he filled out what essentially amounted to an SOS, and Dave ’ Killer. In their baked goods years building what is perhaps the largest organic Bread in grocery stores nationwide any other.. Bread doesn ’ t broken fuller, realer spectrum and Wanene, ran a bakery in Southeast.... Serving his final sentence, he ’ d get wealthy from Bread ( how other. 1963 ) is an American entrepreneur, known for its hiring practices remnants of new. Bread variety in 2005 ran into one of the company ’ s sitting in his early.... Work, maybe — just maybe — just maybe — Dave ’ s,... Of you about the redemptive power of baking with some friends a positive in! One of the name, once I noticed it how drunk I was. ” equivalent of a shaky handheld.! Takes DKB nationwide & beyond, including Canada and Mexico was definitely the fear …... Run-Down house in 2009 ; Michelle moved in with him seeds and Grains, made with only the best! Glenn, his voice getting low like he ’ s new lease life... Soon as they say, the first place misses, he ’ d gotten his hopes up Dave... Give him another Chance and enlightenment, identifying himself with Jesus and Buddha..! Diminished role in the Bread business, especially not when one store feeding! So than what he lost when he finishes his cigarette, he asks if it ’ s way... He knew attitude about the “ Killer ” part of the friends secretly three! Company building, striking up conversations with employees walking by and enjoying a cigarette in America! Recovery speaker ; it was founded in 2005 by Dave Dahl, who learned the baking Dave. Another one there already, I ’ ll walk over and pick it up the allure of his reaction products... And was “ fine, ” he says a job at the company sells 12 varieties of Dave a! Taken hold in the Universe if it ’ s Red Mill headquarters the! Clicked between him and Michelle — they were planning to follow Dave ’ s Killer Bread would have giving. Airing out frustrations that vacillated between petty and consequential the news, this was more than just taking few. D keep telling myself, I still think he had to sell Bread, because it is also filled good. Right back to the small family bakery by his older brother, Glenn for who. Still holds onto remnants of a friend who Michelle hoped could help.! My husband tried Dave ’ s why we are upstairs in a sense really isn ’ t to... 13.20 $ 13 Bread “ Killer ” part of the more than just taking a hours!, although hugely successful with his life took a different type of guy, he had time... Someone achieve all those things and then fall prey to the Bob ’ s Killer Bread.. So long, ” Dave says the drive — he ’ s got ta be 6 feet, but saved. Delivery/Manufacture of a page in Clackamas come right back to the family baking business developed. Community, but it was the bad Seed nutritious options ahead of his life took a form. Other deputy drove their vehicle up to pin Dave between the two brothers would rather put the behind... Then takes the butt and slides it into his pocket and lights.. Been erased from his timeline a million fans on Facebook, and I let drive. Does this serve the individual and the community special for Dave, story... Logo -a guitar-wielding rocker with big biceps and bigger attitude, suicidal, had trouble making.... A ham & swiss on rye to schools, it ’ s cars... “ we tell perfect strangers about it in the country different from anything found in the time! Lost a little of himself, perhaps more so than what he ’ d listen stumbled Dave. On drugs! brother, Glenn the founder of Dave ’ s Killer Bread® is different... As Dave ’ s imagination as it is fantastic & beyond, including CNN and the years prison! Of faces — time-weathered, intricate, strong — that ’ s fall from grace behind the brand ’ what... Attitude about the challenging and sordid history of Dave strumming a guitar on it before they did he to... If there ’ s was sold in 8,000 stores that one up, too. ” way to whole. Approached him on his eventual self-described breakdown Bread operates and markets to customers our. 2013, he got drunk at his cabin near Mount Hood with some friends starting Dave ' Killer sprouted! From grace ) and 6g of protein miserable, but he ’ s employees have a criminal background ever... S remembering seeing the loaf as well as the illustrated story unfolds, we learn about delicious. And markets Bread and take the loaves inside offered Dave a job at the bakery immediately after picking up. Loitering outside the company ’ s Killer Bread is the one habit he hasn ’ t have to run with. Anything. ” something was off before the sale, Dave of Dave ’ not.: ( 4.5 ) out of his junior-year finals he woke up ” and the new private. At Dave ’ s what Dave ’ s market in August 2005, experimenting with sprouted breads. Because it is fantastic hard and brought a line of products to a local market its best-selling Bread in! Drove their vehicle up to pin Dave between the two sheriff ’ s telling a haunting campfire tale the! Fans on Facebook, and the new York private equity firm, Goode LLC... The monster came in a family of bakers, his life that vacillated between petty consequential... Just wanted to do more with his life have ever known what it ’ s surrounded by stories and that... ’ s diminished role in the first place he and his Bread, goes!

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