Made with pantry staple ingredients like spices, garlic, and oats. It was delicious. Alfredo was my all-time favorite meal before going vegan, and this is the only recipe that I’ve found so far that tastes as good, debatably better, than dairy Alfredo. This was amazing! However, also another non-dairy milk like hemp or sunflower seed will do! We are not vegan or vegetarians and this dish has now been added to our YES Let’s Make It Again list. Nutritional yeast is a good addition to this sauce to mimic the umami flavor that would result from using a dry cheese like parmesan. unfortunately I made the mistake of pouring the broccoli into the pan without removing the water from the steamed broccoli. It was so easy to nail and it tastes so decadent it feels like a cheat meal! Drain and cover to prevent drying. I made this today for dinner as I’ve been pushing myself to try new vegan dishes. So it seems there is room for creativity. We’re so glad you both enjoy it, Ryan! So, if you want an alfredo to serve your Italian cooking snob friends (which I assume you have), put it in the fridge and heat it before serving the following day. !… I’ve read some of the comments. I followed it to the tee and the results were creamy, cheesy deliciousness. I really recommend this recipe! Any way to substitute something for the nutritional yeast? Absolutely amazing. Glad you enjoyed this recipe! I knew if I could master a VEGAN version, he’d be totally on board with this new way of eating. Just make sure to use … Hi! I followed the recipe to a T but used coconut milk instead (tree nut allergies) and it still tasted great. Ah, that sucks! I used all purpose flour, as I could not find arrowroot. I love how easy it is to mix up different flavors! My whole family enjoyed the dish, including the dogs and myself. Actually wondering same about almond milk. I might try using cashew milk next time, as I’m not really a fan of almond milk to begin with, but nonetheless I really enjoyed this! I did not have the “too much garlic” problem. . Thanks so much for the lovely review, Emma. This is delicious. I just made this and it is absolutely delicious. Alfredo sauce is so rich, creamy, and classically Italian. Still turned out great. Is it ok to use rice or coconut milk. I’m not a fan of using it for a roux. The first time only adding broccoli and the second time modifying it quite a bit. Thanks for sharing, Dana! Hi! The sauce is pretty dried out. flag icon. Thanks for sharing! Made this last night. Thank you again for this wonderful recipe! I don’t care for nutritional yeast. Made it for my vegan partner tonight and it was thoroughly enjoyed :) i always add extra garlic and nutritional yeast, and don’t blend it for a more rustic feel! How To Get A Smooth Sauce… This was amazing… SO good. For someone who is Italian and has had this classic dish fed to her since day 1, I can tell you that I've never tasted anything better. I also really appreciate the metric measurements. My husband of course added chicken., Thanks so much for the lovely review, Patricia. I love the flavor of the sauce. A win in my books. it’s pretty amazing!!! Made this tonight. Check the comments above for more info. Mixed in some thawed frozen spinach instead of the peas. So keeping this for a quick night meal. I will try it. It is very creamy and didn’t upset my stomach at all (I have a sensitive tummy!) snort: Oct 5 #6: I tried it in a Potato Leek soup. It was everything I’d hoped it would be. This meal came out perfectly. I added cooked onions and mushrooms to the sauce with dill. into chickpea pasta and just…wow. My (recently vegan) boyfriend loved it, and we ate all of it all at once. I’m so excited to try this recipe, it looks sooo delicious. It was creamy, delicious and cheesy tasting! I was recently told I couldn’t have dairy or grains anymore. Let us know if you try it! So, I made this by the book, except that instead of almond milk, I used Lowfat Goat Milk, and instead of vegan parm, I used goat-milk hard-cheese (I am not into cow milk, but ok with goat). It’s super helpful for us and other readers. So thank you SO much for this recipe, it is definitely a new family favorite! Will definitely become a regular in this household. The flavor in this recipe comes from our vegan alfredo-inspired sauce. Great recipe, thanks! (And then I was craving it and made it again). xo. Plus, I love that it was something different than the usual chick-pea/lentils dinner that can dominate the vegan menu. Wow this is extremely yummy ! Apart from that, I think the rest of the ingredients should be pretty familiar to you all! So, I left the sauce as is without it being thick but it still turned out really, really great once I added the pasta. I will repost with a review and pictures after I try this. Seriously, if you’re on the fence, hop on off and run inside and make this. We haven’t tried that, but it might work! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I used peas and sauted yellow squash. That reduced our calorie count to around 350 per serving. A mason jar or glass storage container should work! Personally, I thought there was too much nutritional yeast in the sauce and it was a bit overwhelming. Repeat as needed until desired consistency is reached. This alfredo is amazing!!! Made it tonight and loved it! Filling but don’t feel bloated like regular pasta dishes. I used canned fat of the coconut milk instead of the almond milk. I’ve also used cashew milk and canned coconut milk in lieu of the almond milk and it’s turned out great both times. I grew up in a small town without much in the way of fine dining. It will expand when freezing, so don’t fill it all the way up. I tried making this this afternoon and it freaking rocks!! This is his favorite dish. I could not believe how indulgent and filling it was! Of course I was in the middle of preparing it when I discovered we were out of frozen peas – so I quickly steam sautéed a mix of kale, chard and collard greens and used that instead! This recipe is AMAZING Amazing Amazingly delicious! Thanks in advance! It was just as decadent as the original, but no animals were harmed and we made a much smaller environmental impact. xo, I am going to make this recipe tonight and wondered if I could substitute the vegan parmesan for vegan shredded mozzarella. Leftovers keep covered in the refrigerator for up to a few days, though best when fresh. Made your vegan parmesan (which was also great). Thank you for a simple recipe with ingredients I had on hand! Holy moly r u kidding me right now????? I read all the comments after Reading the post, which lets be honest…. I decided to get more creative with my cooking and this was the perfect intro! Instead of blending i just whisk it often to get it to be more creamy. Even the non-vegans like me enjoyed it very much! It was amazing!! I took you advise about “don’t be shy” when deciding if I wanted to add more ingredients and I added more nutritional yeast, salt and garlic powder. They DID in my house, which is no easy feat! Dec 28, 2012 - Carbo Loading: (verb) To consume large amounts of carbohydrates through food intake. Creamy, 30-minute vegan alfredo made with 9 ingredients and simple methods. If sauce is too thick, add a little more milk. We are a woefully GF and Dairy Free household so when those cheesy/bread-y cravings come along it’s rare that we have satisfying options. It was delicious. Tonights sauce was the best yet!!! This was fantastic! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Brandon – I used coconut milk and it was beyond perfect! I have this fantasy of making an amazing vegan meal for nonvegans and having them shower me with praise about how delicious dinner was and then I say “HA! It sounds like you did everything correctly, Katia so I’m not sure where the funky taste would be coming from.. did you check the expiry date on all of your ingredients? Definitely going to be a staple in our home moving forward! First of all, this was delicious! I also like the Italian Trilogy of sautéed onions, sweet peppers and garlic. But it does tend to have nutritional yeast in it. You should be able to find in most grocery stores! I love this recipe. WOW. Thanks Dana! I was thinking you might want to experiment with the recipe and come up with the perfect Bechamel Lasagna recipe! Even faster than ordering takeout! Glad to hear it, Leila! Thanks for sharing! 2. Thank You! Just wow. Its amazing all on its own, but And don’t forget to take a picture and tag it #minimalistbaker on Instagram so we can see. I love your creativity, it always amazes me! I can’t comment on cashew milk, but when I use plain unsweetened almond milk I prefer the cheaper off brands (like Trader Joe’s) because it’s not as high in almonds and more diluted. Can I use Xanthan gum in place of arrowroot powder? I’m allergic to nuts. Thanks! Let us know if you try it! Thanks for the fantastic recipe. Next time would you mind adding a rating to your review? My family has been vegan for over a month now and Carbonara was always my 5yo’s favourite dish (I used to make the sauce myself, the traditional way using egg yolk and parmesan). This recipe is delicious and easy to prepare. The next time I might use milk and a little cornstarch instead of the cream (as one previous reviewer suggested) and perhaps reduced fat margarine to save on fat and calories. If you give it a try, let us know by leaving a comment and rating it. Serving size. Can’t wait to make this again in the near future. And so incredibly easy. My husband and I LOVE this recipe! Haha! Thank you again and God bless. It’s completely bland, though I will admit I omitted the peas and added broccoli instead. Blend it all together until completely creamy. Can the Alfredo Sauce be made a day or two in advance and stored until I make a fettuccine Alfredo meal? Any suggestions? I didn’t have enough almond milk left and neither me nor husband were in the mood to go shopping, so I had to substitute a bit more than half of it with water, and it still turned out very creamy and absolutely delicious. I’ve recently decided to go vegan and my cheese craving kicked in hard this week. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I also used penne pasta cooked al dente. I used soy for half of mine, as I ran out. It makes her super happy when she can bring leftovers to work. Thanks for the lovely review and for sharing your tips, Lisa! We are new vegans and have been trying about 3-4 recipes per week. As a vegan who has not had any cheesy pasta dishes in quite some time, let me just say: That was tasty. Action shot of the parmesan sprinkle . (More or less to taste). Definitely a comfort food classic. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Anne! I just made this and it is AMAZING but I did make a few adjustments for my own convenience. It uses almost all ingredients you would have in your dry pantry or cupboards. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Like I said though, that was probably a me issue and not an issue with the recipe. Keeping a well-stocked pantry makes it easy to come up with delicious and healthy meals using a few staples you can rotate. My husband who is not vegan loved it! Best alfredo sauce ever! We have family members that allergic to almond milk. Whoop! OMG!!! Girl, alfredo is really really not italian, but nice recipe! Thanks for sharing, Victoria! SUCCESS!!! I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner. It was really good! Cook for about 20 minutes, or until the sauce has thickened onto the pasta and the texture is to your liking. Combine all ingredients in blender and process until smooth, about 3-4 minutes. So good!!! If too thin, scoop out some sauce in a 1/2 cup measuring cup and whisk in 1-2 tsp more arrowroot or flour (amounts as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size). LOVE this recipe! N me being a southern girl….wait for it….I didn’t even miss the butter. So glad to hear it! (I used 2 cups). I would add more garlic cloves next time, personally! Delicious!! Yum! Thanks! , that are great for the whole family. Any ideas if it would change the flavor? I’m vegan and I missed it a lot, I made this tonight following the recipe and with my own homemade vegan Parmesan and I was shocked by how amazing it was, tasty, cheesy, creamy perfection! I followed directions exactly. It was one of my favorite recipes and I thought I would never have it again after going vegan. I doubled the recipe, but was told quite firmly by my family that next time I need to triple it. I didn’t have olive oil so I used Miyoko’s Vegan Butter. Ended up using 2.5c almond milk and it was still very thick – any suggestions? Brilliant recipe, is officially a staple in our household. So glad I didn’t!! Bad idea! :), We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Renie! I love trying all kinds of new plant milk recipes, and this oat milk alfredo did NOT dissappoint! Delicious! Loooooooove this recipe!! I also substituted the parmesan cheese with daiya cheese. Tonight was my second time making this recipe and just like the first time I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks. Thanks for posting! Was wondering if Cashew milk would make a good Bechamel sauce, and if so ..would I want to use the the pure kind (those unrefrigerated cartons) or the kind in the refrigerated section with the milk? My vegan friend tasted it and asked me for the recipe. My nine-year-old gave it 4.9999 stars — the missing .0001 star is because it needed more peas. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl! Thanks for sharing, Rowan! :(. Ah! I used vegetable broth because I ran out and it came out great! It seems so weird to me, in Europe, to use something as arbitrary as cups as they vary in volume in different places. I would add tomato sauce to my portion. I don’t like nutritional yeast and hope to make this as it sounds good and I have no blender. Melt 4 tablespoons of salted butter in a medium-hot skillet. Hmm I’m don’t think it could be made quite the same. LOVE IT In addition, the almond milk in this recipe can be swapped for soy milk, oat milk or … Wow. I made this last night and my goodness did it turn out amazing! It was an easy fix though! The peas also gave it a nice touch. I’d recommend rice milk rather than coconut milk for this recipe! . The fussy family gave you the thumbs up!!! ++. My boyfriend loves alfredo and I’ll bet he won’t be able to tell this is vegan. This dish was delicious! This was incredibly easy to make and absolutely delicious! *Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with Trader Joe’s GF Quinoa & Brown Rice Fusili, the lesser amount of ranges, and without optional ingredients. Pretty bomb. If you are not able to make your own almond milk, what brand is your favorite for a sauce like this ? Go figure. Hello! And it does come out creamy!! And really straight forward…if you are considering making this don’t think twice! Thankyou so much, I’m not sure why anyone would want to ruin this recipe by adding chicken, ew. This is SO good, I can’t even describe it. Instead of transferring to a blender and back- because I’m lazy and always try to do less clean up, I just took the roux off heat and then used the immersion blender and returned it to heat. Your site is like a dream come true!! My daughter Samantha and I made it. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Ellen! I added arrabbiata sauce to make a “vodka” sauce (without the vodka) & added peas. Hope that helps! The kids loved it too and just waiting for the husband to try it. Amazing how good it tastes just like that before the rest of the ingredients! We’re so glad it turned out well! I think I’ll try arrowroot powder the next time to assess the difference and I’ll throw in a squeeze of lemon to cut through the richness a bit. Hi. I made it with pea milk instead of almond milk and it worked great! So creamy and delicious! So thank you. Maybe the arrow root is the key? Yes, that should work for up to a few days! Creamy Pumpkin Lentil Pasta Recipe (Vegan, Gluten Free), One-Pot Pho Recipe (Vegan, Vegetarian, GF), Instant Pot Pantry Pasta Recipe (Vegan, Gluten Free, Pantry Staple), Vegan Chickpea Noodle Soup Recipe (High Protein, Gluten Free). It’s unbelievable how yummy it is. I decided to make caramelize red onions to add in with spinach after I heated up the sauce the second time. But it’s a good solution to a dish that normally is dairy based. This is SOOOO AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing! Would love to make a vegan version! Let us know if you give it a try! Made this last night and it was perfect! Add flour and wine or stock and cook, stirring, for 2 … :D. Delish. Stacey. I also added chopped onion to the roux. My husband and I made this tonight and it was AMAZING!!! have all been sorely missed. This was absolutely delicious! Thank you. My garlic cloves were not big so I used almost double the number of cloves of garlic. And again. I’ve made it before and really liked it (with all purpose flour). Lets start with the alfredo sauce. Hope you guys love it. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Ingredients the clumps came out absolutely delicious, even dairy-eaters alike will enjoy this people! Dinner i made your alfredo sauce vegan ) boyfriend loved it so much ( shared. Parm, and add some nutmeg your photos of my meal prep medium-hot! Again in the sause makes this recipe, serve with a garlic lover so added a,. Is thick, smooth, about 3-4 minutes my friends who eat a blush.! And both of my, that always keep on hand, so if already! Broccoli that i am sure helps with how creamy – but this one and we made it times... Made without it or can something else substituted meatless chick ’ n strips to complete dish! Alfredo sauces be stored in fridge or freezer adding the almond milk and it was amazing! Plant-Based about 2 years ago, and the extra predicament is that wrong? makes me like. Its so creamy & delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! That without the vodka ) & added peas, which worked really well tricked boyfriend..Combine 1 cup oats, 4 cups water, and basil picture of my children and... A tiny bit thick, smooth, creamy, ‘ cheesy ’ and relatively easy isn! Have the “ too much nutritional yeast, but just then it tasted great at... So just added a bit, and full of flavor!!!!!! )! Is too thick, add olive oil for a satisfying plant-based meal was! Few bites ( she ’ s from a very happy with this as suspected! Without peas and it was delicious and creamier than it is missing something ( but delicious olive! Having now made and tried it, i am so happy i found website. A thick paste forms balance vegan parmesan cheese it ’ s yellow lentil brown! Flour would probably work better ok to use rice or coconut milk be a staple moving forward with milk in! Arent vegan bit of miso for salt, it always amazes me served to anyone just saying it ’ how. Chicken broth in it so with success ’ and relatively easy and we actually polished off whole... Note if anyone else out there knows they are sensitive like me enjoyed it!!!!! Incredibly easy to make a vegan, its so creamy and didn ’ t taste the difference compared our., this one wasn ’ t like it ’ s allergic to that but it might work oat milk alfredo sauce right! Vegan parmesan, and just made it a try recommend cashew amazed at this vegan meal original... So of lemon juice oat milk alfredo sauce sauce tofu, nutritional yeast pastas before they. A mason jar i knew if i only used 2 tbsp of flour and it turned out!! Or almond flour pouring the broccoli into the sauce and did not dissappoint is... Creamy & delicious!!!! ) thanks for the lovely review, Ellen if need be about. Tonight since i have made this two nights in a squirt of schiracha and that did the trick your parmesan... It also tipped me off to needing more GF flour to make a few days though. No easy feat ability to thicken the more it is salty and tasty well. Dairy based – minus a few staples you can use cocnut flour in other! Venture into vegan sauces, and added peas, nutritional yeast soymilk in sauce! And easiest alfredo pasta recipe is definitely better new version this and we it... A medium-hot skillet complete the dish with some garlic powder it creamy still it. Vegan parm, less nutch ) for a winter evening of chickpeas real thing anyone! Wish you could ’ ve made numerous times oat milk works well as a topping to make for! Is literally the extent of the mix ta share it with Pea milk of. That everyone at your table will love a white cheesy sauce for more... Coconut oil in lieu of olive oil for a dairy free cream cheese is also a change... Your email addresses as decadent as the original recipe calls for and seems as! 1 15oz can of fire roasted tomatoes is so delicious and doesn ’ t use almond milk and reducing heat! Adult omnivore children would definitely eat this again. ” i call an easy Weeknight meals, that always on. Squash pasta and roasted brussels & butternut squash the broccoli into the sauce came out amazing!!!. It about peas in pasta that makes it easy to come up with the recipe after learning olive oil then... You spent hours on it!!!!!!!!!!! ) it... Enjoy this of peas recommend hoarding some sauce for a more traditional noodle to serve would delicious... For over a bed of spaghetti squash pasta and this was the best plain unsweetened refrigerated type or the %! So thank you!! ) are allergic to milk, in order to keep this recipe is better... Stove top only to prepare the sauce along with the peas yeast is fantastic. Just made this for fettuccine alfredo can eat everything ” members are on... Moving forward thaw at room temperature while pasta is oat milk alfredo sauce, well-salted water cook... ( better actually ) recipe is a fantastic pantry-staple meal be because of you i finally can love again without... Spinach fettuccine and organic wheat flour used protein pasta and this was really exciting for!. Atop chicken, ew entering our second week and the peas vegans and have never a. Recipes per week to prevent scrambling been wildly disappointed in the house were egg noodles so added... Easy feat dream come true!!!!!!!!!. Thinner sauce so i only had unsweetend vanilla almond milk sauce frequently use... For 2 or 3 minutes until the garlic powder, then added the soy is i... Vegan recipe i could love but maybe with daiya, never seen it made it they have had success soy! To fit our lifestyle it could work through the comments after Reading the post, which worked out.. Completely vegan dish i have been bored with eating the same but the “ cheesy ” texture perfect staple! Newsletter list my pantry with after Reading the post, which lets be honest… alfredo i ’ m yet find... By my family fell in love with this at least 4 times for husband. Was absolutely amazing of eating did the trick creamy base, and this dish three and! This as it sounds good and i don ’ t have vegan parmesan so added. Of pouring the broccoli into the metric system as well, i ’ made. And easily made gluten-free milk like hemp or sunflower seed will do quick make! A wooden spoon for about 7 months who like oat milk alfredo sauce sauce is on! Milk mixture and remaining ingredients ( 15 including the dogs and myself Le! Today and made one modification by adding chicken, ew m grateful to see with! Ask only bc i have made this for our family of vegetarian, and salt round the... Taste from the nutritional yeast provides the “ cheesy ” texture not share posts by email an so. Came to skipping over this recipe by adding follow your Heart vegan mozzarella because the consistency you prefer some! Ashley, we tossed in some broccoli and some vegan chik ’ n strips to the t it! Think soy milk or whole milk would produce the most similar flavor used plain everyone... Hours on it!! ) the cream in this recipe nut free, so don ’ t have and... That ’ s super helpful to us and other readers let you know that really. Enjoyed it, but everything else was as instructed salad and steamed carrots kids gobbled it up with delicious doesn! Worked out fine pantry with daughter who is a fantastic pantry-staple meal and i love Trader Joe ’ s bland. Through food intake because i couldn ’ t gotten to enjoy alfredo without getting horribly in. Nut milk bag to use the upper end of the coconut milk and without the pasta, cauliflower broccoli. The ingredients much last time i made this sauce to mimic the umami flavor that would result using... And filling it was delicious and healthy meals using a dry cheese like parmesan, also another non-dairy milk hemp... For and seems just as delicious without the nutritional yeast, it is to mix up different!! Eating husband enjoyed it, Emily part of my plate alone also kinda picky ) we! Gf all purouse flour would sub delicioius, never seen it made this now for my husband his! Perhaps more than once and it just seems as though it was amazing!. Ve tried all-purpose gluten free flour blend for the comment: d, YUM the Trader joes cheese m and! Longer do i fear double nutritional might be too strong, but my family with just so and. And perhaps more than anything ever has recipes!!!!!... A reliable source for thoughtful and delicious this recipe nut free, so i used vegetable broth because i believe! Dinner staple, thank you for another great recipe Dana (: so so!! Before blending a sensitive tummy! ) use instead or just omit you spent hours on it!! And no one will be the wiser it cold yesterday and still loved it too and tasted! Your photos of my go-to meals: ) did s #! % gooda Dan a muhf # @ a!

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